How you and bae can be as cute as your fave YouTube couples

Things we love to watch on YouTube: The eat-it-or-wear-it challenge, the 7-second challenge and the whisper challenge. When YouTubers get together to make vids, we can't help but be excited. But the ultimate in YouTube collabs is when two YouTubers actually date. Zalfie is basically the ship to end all ships and Cutie and PewDiePie constantly give us feels, so whether or not you're in a relationship, it's easy to think that they're at an unattainable level of cute. But that's not entirely true—there are plenty of ways you can and your sweetie can emulate your fave YouTube couples. Here's are just a few that we heart and how you can be like them.

Zoe Sugg & Alfie Deyes

Zalfie is an OG YouTube couple, and their fans *love* them together—us too! In the beginning they kept their relationship under wraps, but they're not shy about how much they adore each other now. Remember when Zoe took Alfie to a tree house getaway for his birthday? Or when Alfie shared their super cute Yoga Challenge video? Only one word can describe them: adorbs. You and bae can be just as aww-worthy simply by supporting each other in all endeavours and trusting one another 100 percent—kind of like Zoe did when she let Alfie cut her hair earlier this week!

Lauren Riihimaki & Alex Wassabi

LaurDIY and her beau Alex fill their crazy channels with so much art and imagination. Whether they're rocking matching outfits or competing in a DIY challenge, they always incorporate their kooky humor into their relationship. Reach fun factor 100 like L and A by leaving goofy notes around your sweetie's room on in their school books. You'll make them giggle even when you're not around!

Tanya Burr & Jim Chapman

This iconic couple is the definition of fashion-forward. They looked dashing at Coachella, they kill it on every red carpet they appear on and when it comes to rockin' the chill weekend vibes, somehow they still look suave. And why wouldn't they? Tanya is a longtime beauty guru (her tutorials are amaze) and Jim is a fashion fanatic (peep his blog here!), so it doesn't get and more stylish than this #endgame pair. Get the #Janya look by dressing up in your best with your babe and hitting up the fanciest restaurant in town. It'll be a night you'll never forget.

Emily Canham & Jake Boys

Always joking around and traveling together, this adorable duo recently took it back to basics and celebrated what they coined #Jemily week by uploading a video together for seven straight days. Em and J have taught us that a li'l bit of craziness is what makes a relationship thrive, so never be afraid to be yourself around your S/O—it'll encourage them to do the same.

Rachel Levin & Isaac Nakash

Rachel and Isaac are all about making hilarious skits for their audience. We love them as they are, but the characters they play are totally relatable and LOL-worthy. Wanna emulate their ship? Hit up your community theater and take an acting class with your special someone. You'll get a thrill from stepping outside of your usual personalities together.

Sierra Furtado & Alex Terranova

Ohh, Sierra and Alex—how we love thee! Their social feeds have artsy photos for *dayz* and this One Tree Hill Halloween costume is just the tip of the relationship envy iceberg. Reach S + A levels of adorable by busting out your camera—use your phone, Instax, DSLR, anything!—and start snapping away. Grab some TDF selfies together, then find an Insta-worthy setting (Christmas tree farm, a holiday festival, etc.) and take one of those adventurous, hand-holding pics that everyone loves. Who's #goals now?!

CutiePie & PewDiePie

These two are basically a match made in heaven, but what makes them the *actual* cutest is their matching social media handles: CutiePie (Marzia) and PewDiePie (Felix). This couple is also known for their presh pet pugs, Ynk, Maya and Edgar, so grab your sweetie and head to the pet shop to hang with a pup or two. Even if you can't take one home, you two can still fawn over them and grab some Snapchats with one, too.

Do you have any other fave YouTube couples? Who is it? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo credit: Zoella, Alex Wassabi, Rachel Levin, Sierra Furtado, Jake Boys, Marzia Bisognin


by Yasmeena Fakhouri | 11/10/2016