What Disney movie should you and your sweetie watch tonight?

Yes, we’ve all seen Toy Story 3, Frozen and Up probably half a dozen times—each. But when was the last time you sat down with your bae and made an entire evening out of watching adorbs couples like Belle and the Beast and Hercules and Jasmine ham it up on screen?

A night in with your special someone and the stories we all grew up with will fill you with nostalgia. The question is though…which one should you watch? Match *your* relationship personality with that of your fave Disney duo to find out which pairing you should press play on.

If you’re both a little off the beaten path...

Maybe you both have landed yourselves in detention once or twice, or you don’t often listen to what your parents tell you to do. Either way, you consider yourself a little rebellious—so do both Aladdin and Jasmine in Aladdin! With their need for adventure, these two risk takers make it work in the end. You and your boo will too.

If you're both super sarcastic and always have a witty comeback...

You’re that couple that communicates via tongue-in-cheek comments, so you need a movie that does the same...and doesn’t have a patient princess waiting to be saved by the perfect prince. In fact, you’d probably relate a little more to a story in which the heroine isn't scared of an eye roll and is fiercely independent. Luckily, Hercules features just that. You’ll love the wisecracking cheeky relationship between Meg and Hercules.

If you both love to read...

If you and your S/O are constantly sharing the books and articles you’ve read recently and comparing notes, you better sit down and watch the story that features the two biggest bookworms: Beauty and the Beast. Besides, with the live-action film coming up soon, you need to reacquaint yourself!

If you’re pretty much polar opposites...

We’ve all heard that opposites attract. In almost every way, you and your babe are totally different—but that's what makes you two perfect for eachother. You love each other despite your differences and that’s basically the main theme in Lady and the Tramp.

If you’ve known each other forever...

You and your sweetie were inseparable childhood friends. You grew up together, just like Simba and Nala! Even though The Lion King isn’t technically a love story, you’ll probably see yourselves in these two cats just the same. (Although prepare to cry about halfway through the movie. A lot.) 

What Disney movie will you and your bae watch tonight? Let us know in the comments!


by Amy Garcia | 12/12/2016