What dating is really like—according to the Disney Princesses

Everyone grows up admiring Disney Princesses for their beautiful looks and fairy-tale love stories. But have you ever realized some of the questionable dating advice that these fabulous females are telling us? It’s time to take a look at the LOL-worthy relationship tips and norms from the flicks, and remember what we should *actually* do when it comes to love. 

1. Your first date might just be when he proposes

Reality: We all know about love at first sight, but that doesn’t mean you have to marry him! It’s *always* OK to take it slow.

2. It’s completely fine to date a man with an arrest warrant

Reality: Erm, it’s not the best idea to get yourself caught up with a thief.

3. Guys totally kiss you when you are asleep all the time

Reality: Your first true love’s kiss will happen eventually…and you should be awake when it does.

4. You may have to change yourself for your crush

Reality: Being yourself is the best way to attract the right person.

5. It’s OK to put up with abuse from your boyfriend

Reality: Belle’s prince was…well…a beast. In actuality, you should never let someone physically, verbally or emotionally hurt you.

6. Happily ever after fixes all your problems

Reality: True love may make you happy, but it is not going to solve all of your issues.

7. Lying is alright, as long as he really loves you!

Reality: Relationships are all about honesty. You should never have to hide anything for love.

The Disney Princesses may not always teach us the best lessons when it comes to love, but it sure is fun watching them find their Prince Charmings!

What questionable dating advice have you taken? Let us know in the comments below!



by Emily Mullin | 8/25/2019