GIRL TALK: Camp Crush


This summer I went to an overnight camp and I met this boy. There was this camp dance and we danced together. At the end of camp we exchanged phone numbers and have been texting each other a lot. He told me that we should go out, but the only problem is that he lives in a different state!!!! I don't think long distance relationships are such a good idea but I really really like him. What should I do?


Hey girl!

Camp crushes are so fun, but you're right, this is the part that sucks. At your age it can be difficult to be in a long distance relationship, especially since you don't have a license. It takes tons of effort, trust, and communication. Ask yourself a couple questions first. Will you get to see him at least once a month? Are you the jealous type? Is he? Do you have a consistent way of talking to each other, like email, IM, or phone?

If you are dead-set on dating this guy long distance, be prepared. Know that it will take tons of trust on your part AND his part. Don't do anything you wouldn't want him to be doing, it's only fair.

Good luck!

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by GL | 2/1/2016