Valentine's Day presents your cutie will *totally* adore

Can you believe Valentine’s Day is just days away?!

If you’re stressing about what to get your sweetie for this fabulous day of all things pink and red, fear not! We’ve rounded up some awesome gifts for your Valentine that you can buy or DIY.

Coffee Gift Card Holder DIY

If you really aren’t sure what to get your Valentine, there’s nothing wrong with giving them the gift of coffee to warm their cold hands this February. Instead of putting the card in the generic Starbucks or Dunkin paper holder, create this cute coffee cup gift card holder. It’s easy peasy and will show them you took the time to make them an adorbs Valentine.

Coin Purse, $30

We’ve been obsessing over accessories for our purses lately. From tassels to pom poms, there’s no limit to the choices you have to dress up your bag. Pick up an adorable and convenient coin purse for your girlfriend from J.Crew. They come in a bunch of colors and hold a ton of change that would otherwise end up on the bottom of her bag!

Polka Dot Socks, $15

OK, this might seem lame—but you can never go wrong with a pair of socks. These are the perfect mix of casual and “I really like you” so you don’t have to fret about seeming like you’re trying too hard. And besides, your guy will really appreciate these when he finds yet another hole in his fave pair. 

Treat Jar DIY

Instead of buying a candy bar, pick up a cute jar and some gold spray paint from your local craft store. Cut a small heart out of paper and tape it to your jar. Outside, spray the jar until it is completely covered in gold paint. Once it’s dry, remove the paper and that's it! You have an insanely cute Valentine’s Day jar. Fill it with their fave candy and attach a little note with string. 

Cupid’s Arrow Water Bottle, $45

If your girl lives in the gym or at soccer practice, she’ll adore this cute S’well bottle. And even if your Valentine isn’t yoga-obsessed, she’ll fall in love with the bottle…almost like she was shot by Cupid’s arrow!

AE Surf Cologne, $28

Who doesn’t love a great-smelling guy? You can have the best of both worlds by getting your cutie a bottle of this cologne. It’s super fresh and he’ll smell like he just walked off the beach. Not only will you be happy, but also he’ll love knowing that you want to scoot a little closer to him in class. 

Reflective Shades, $24

Your gift for every cool girl or fashionista! These reflective purple sunglasses scream trendy and your Valentine will want to rock them every day.

Free Printable Flower Bouquet Wrap

 If you want to go the classic route and give your Valentine a cute bundle of blooms, step it up a notch by using these free printable bouquet wraps. The flowers will look perf in the paper, but if you don't want to use the printable, use pretty wrapping paper or even create your own design by drawing on printer paper!

Are you making or buying your Valentine's Day prezzies this year? Let us know in the comments!

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by Jacqueline Burnett | 2/9/2017