Dating advice that *every* mom has given

Moms are *so* important. Their advice is most often helpful in tough sitches since they have been through way more than us. Their advice may not make sense in the moment, but we're sure that they've unleashed a few true gems on you—like the advice below! 

"Find a boy that can make you laugh." Even your friends will tell you this, but someone that can make you laugh is really important because when you smile, your mom smiles, too.

"You are beautiful, never let a boy tell you otherwise." All moms are keen on telling this to their daughters. Why? Because it's true! A boy should accept you for all that you are.

"Don't waste your tears." Crying is the *last* thing your mom wants to see you do. She's there to remind you that he's not worth any tears.  

"Make sure you know how to say no." This is an important one. Every mom wants their daughter to be able to stick up for herself, no matter the situation. 

"Follow your heart." This may be a hard one, but it is important to listen to your heart over your head sometimes.

Motherly advice is oh-so important. She was once in your shoes and knows *exactly* how you feel—after all she is your mom! 

What's the best advice your mom (or maternal figure) has ever given you? Share below!

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by Aarti Sharma | 4/29/2017