How to pick the perfect crush for you

Finding the perfect match is a challenging thing to do. In order to find your future boyfriend or girlfriend, you have to give it some thought and think outside the box. Grab these five tips to find out who your crush could be. You never know—you might end up being a great match with someone you never even thought about dating! 

1. Find someone with similar interests. It is important to find someone who enjoys doing the same things as you. For example, you could both have interest in certain music, TV shows, movies, sports or hobbies. Once you and your crush start dating, you'll inevitably start spending more time together and enjoying some of your favorite things with each other.

2. Find someone who’s compatible with you. Being compatible means that you get along well with that person. If you tend to argue with someone a lot who you have a crush on, this may not be the best person to date. If you both understand that the arguing is playful, that's totally fine. But if it makes you upset then you may want to consider someone else. Relationships can be difficult, but if you and your crush have similar personalities that work well together, then you two would make a perfect match. 

3. Find someone who makes you laugh. It is important to date a guy or girl who makes you laugh. Relationships should be fun and enjoyable. It you get along well with your partner and can be goofy and make jokes with each other, then you two will have a stronger bond. 

4. Find someone who is honest and loyal. If someone shows signs that they are interested in only you, that's a great sign and it means they're trustworthy and honest. When you are dating someone, you should be able to trust them with your secrets and they should count on you to do the same.

5. Find someone with great friends. You should also consider who your crush's friends are. People tend to hang around people who are similar to them. It is important that your crush has nice friends, and you get along with most of them because then you will be able to trust your crush 24/7. And when you spend time with your crush, it's likely that his or her friends might be around. Great relationships stay strong when you have a strong crew of people around you.  

What do you look for in a crush? Do you have a type? Share below.


by Mary Kate Biser | 6/30/2017