Let the sparks fly with these 5 no-fail 4th of July date ideas

Whether you're imagining fireworks during your first kiss or you want to do something special for your new special someone, it's super simple to create a spark of your own this Fourth of July. These Independence Day date ideas are perfect for any kind of relationship. 

When you're...

Still eyeing them from afar
It might be too soon to ask them on a *real* date, so try inviting them to your family's or friend's BBQ. It's the perfect place to get to know them (games! fireworks! food!) without feeling awkward. Plus, if things don’t work out, you will still have plenty of friends to spend the holiday with.

Just hanging out
You like hanging out together and there is definitely some mutual flirting going on, but you are just not ready for it to be one-on-one. So, invite them to come along with you to watch the fireworks with just a few other friends, or try bonding over (read: snuggling by) a bonfire with some of your besties.

Trying to DTR
It’s time to make it clear what you want. Show them that you are ready for a relationship by planning a totally romantic picnic on the beach or at the park. They will be super impressed by your Pinterest-worthy Fourth of July snacks and he might just get the hint that you are ready for something serious. 

New to this
The relationship may be new, but the two of you are head-over-heels for each other. So, it’s a good time to do something adventurous. Skip the crowded pool and find a nearby lake or hiking trail, and don't forget the picnic. Then, have a sparkler and s'mores party for two. This will give you the opportunity to spend some quality alone time with your new bae.

Totally exclusive
When you're ~official~, there's no need to go OTT to impress them. What does that mean? You can do whatever you want. Fireworks by the lake? Yes! Party with your friends? Amazing. Pool day with his fam? Sure! It doesn't matter what you do, just as long as you're with each other. 

What are your Fourth of July plans? Let us know in the comments!

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by Emily Mullin | 6/22/2017