Are you ready to start dating?

Dating can be a complicated thing, especially in middle or high school. You might be ready to date at a different time than your bestie, so it’s important to understand what dating *really* means to know whether you’re mature enough to handle it. Ask yourself the questions below. 

1. Do you want to date for the right reasons?
If there’s someone who you enjoy hanging out with, and the feeling is mutual, that is a good reason. But, wanting to date for your social image, reputation or social media accounts are not justified reasons. It’s important that you know why you are interested in dating before you actually do. 

2. Are your parents OK with it?
Secret relationships are never a good thing and usually don’t end up going anywhere. Have a conversation with your parents, so at least they know what you are thinking about and what’s going on in your life. Talk to your friends as well and see what they think or what advice they could give you. Your parents and close friends know you the best and spend the most time with you, so they are the best people to talk to. 

3. Do you feel comfortable with the person you want to date?
It’s probably not a good idea to date someone who is more than a few years apart in age. Also, you should feel open to having conversations and telling your concerns or fears. You should also be aware of boundaries, and you should be able to set them. If you’re not, that could be a sign that you aren’t ready to date.

Are you ready to date? Have you already started dating? Sound off in the comments below!


by Amrita Bhasin | 7/20/2017