What to do when your BFFs hate your crush

When we’re ready to talk about a cutie we’ve been crushing on, our besties are the first people we tell! After all, they're always there to assist with flirty texts, perfect date outfits and dish out advice. So, what happens when you spill the beans about your crush and your crew isn’t, well, crushing back? Check out our tips for getting your girls to love your potential sweetie just as much as you do!

Hear them out
Your friends are always trying to look out for you so if they’re not feeling it, ask them why. Is he known for not being a great BF? Does he treat other people poorly? Maybe your friends have learned some not-so-sweet stuff about him, and they’re only trying to make sure you don’t get hurt. If they point out some really bad behavior, keep an eye out for it. 

Ask them to rethink
Once you’ve confirmed that he doesn’t have a seriously bad rep, ask them to forget all of their preconceived notions about him. Do they think he’s nerdy? Do they not think he’s cute? Explain to them that you like him for him, and not for what people think about him. If they hear you out, they may realize that there’s a lot to like about this guy!

Explain your POV
Maybe they’re worried that you won’t be hanging out with them once you get a new guy. Maybe they think that you’re settling for a guy who’s not a good fit. Whatever the issue may be, ask them to see it from your point of view. While you will be spending time with your bae, reassure them that your crew will still have plenty of chances to hang. Let them know how happy your new guy makes you, and hopefully they’ll start to come around.

Let them get to know him
The only way to really get to know someone is by spending some quality time together. If you’re having your pals over, see if he wants to stop by and meet them. Get him to swing by your lunch table so they can chat, or invite everyone out for an ice cream date! It’s up to you how you do it, just remember that if your crew and your boo get some face time, they’ll see that they probs have more in common than they thought.

Ever gone through this before? Let us know how you handled the sitch in the comments below!

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by Maddie McGee | 7/20/2017