Guy guide: How to stay *just friends*

It's a well-known idea that girls and guys can’t be "just friends." You either end up dating, or someone catches feelings while the other, well, doesn't. But this doesn't always have to be the case. It’s 100 percent possible for girls and guys to be just friends. If you’re wondering how to navigate the sitch, look no further than these four tips.

Treat your guy buds like your gal pals.
Friends are friends. Guys aren’t really that different from girls. You can *still* go to baseball games together, hang by the pool, ask each other for homework help or sign up for the same lunch period next year. Just chill with each other and have fun! That’s what friendship’s all about, right?

Learn from the guys.
A lot of times, guys will have a different POV than girls—and that’s OK! Take the time to listen and learn from them. You’d be surprised what insights you’ll gain, whether it’s dating or life advice. And, hey, maybe you can teach them a few things, too.

Stay chill when he dates other people.
Since you two aren’t dating, feel free to involve your respective baes in your friendship. What does that mean? Complain about your SO to him. Let his GF tag along on your mall trip. If hanging out with your girl BFF’s boyfriend is totally normal, spending time with his sweetie is, too! You two *might* even end up becoming friends.

Recognize that it’s OK to care about one another. 
Caring about each other is a good thing! That doesn’t mean you’re falling in love. That means when his dog dies you go over to his house to make sure he’s alright. It means when you have a soccer game, he’ll come cheer you on. Being there for each other through it all is the number one way to be a friend.

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by Aly Prouty | 8/22/2018