Parents not OK with you dating? Read this

We get it. Literally everyone you know is in a relationship, and it feels like you should be in one, too. Being in a relationship seems the cure for everything, and you want to feel that way with someone. Even though it may seem like you should be coupling up, now may not be the right time. Ask yourself these questions before you start your first relationship.

1. Are others pressuring you into dating?
When you’re ready to date, you’ll know. Don’t let others sway your decisions on when you should date. If you don’t feel like it’s the right time to get into a relationship, don’t feel bad for turning down dates or shrugging off your bestie and her boyf's PDA.

2. Are your parents OK with it?
Let’s face it, hiding a relationship from your parents only works for so long. It may seem fun and exciting at first, but it's just not realistic. And when your punishment comes along, you'll realize it wasn't worth it. Be open with your parents about wanting to start dating and if they’re still not OK with it, you should definitely postpone your first relationship.

3. Do you know know your boundaries?
This is extremely important in every relationship you’ll ever be in. You need to know yourself, which will help you understand what you want in a relationship. If you’re not comfortable with telling your S/O everything and setting boundaries on getting physical, it’s probably best for you to wait. 

4. Have you met the right person?
Relationships are much better if you’re with someone you’re really into. Don’t rush into a relationship with the first person that asks you out. Trust us. Rushing into something with someone you don’t quite mesh with is a mistake you don’t want to make. Not only will the relationship be rocky, but you’ll have to deal with a potentially bad breakup.

5. Are you only in it for the attention?
We all love to see cute couples on our Insta-timelines, but if you're only in it for the likes, you’re definitely not ready. Relationships take a lot of work and if you’re biggest concern is taking cute photos, you won’t be focused on actually building a strong and lasting relationship. Make sure you’re in a relationship for the right reasons.

Do you worried about starting to date? Are you already in a relationship? Sound off in the comments!


by Katlyn Pierre | 10/1/2017