Why you and your BF/GF don't have to wear a couple's costumes

It's that time of year when the pressure to find the perfect Halloween costume begins to rear its head. Finding a cute ensemble for yourself is enough stress, yet alone finding one for your bae. Will the two of you dress as a pair? What couple's costume will he be down to wear? Suddenly, something that's meant to be fun, dressing up for Halloween, can feel totally overwhelming. If you can't agree on a look, or simply don't want to dress up as a duo, fret not. It doesn't make you any less of a couple if you show up to the party in costumes that aren't matchy-matchy. In fact, there are some pretty rad pros to rocking a Halloween look that's completely your own.

Doing your own thing is a sign of trust and understanding
It takes guts to be the one who's honest about wanting to break away from the norm and go solo in terms of your costumes. Being respectful when one of you is vulnerable and letting each other make independent decisions is a sign of a healthy relationship.

You don't have to be next to your bae for people to "get" your costume
While you love your bae and enjoy hanging out with him, chances are that at some point in the night you guys are going to want to split-off and mingle with other friends. If you two are rocking your own, independent garbs, you can break away without messing with your costume mojo.

You can show off the different personalities that make you a power couple
More often than not, what makes couples truly great is the way their personalities complement one another. You and your partner aren't exactly alike, and that's awesome! By dressing up in different costumes, you can show off the different quirks and character traits that come together to make you such an amazing pair.

Your costumes won't make or break your Halloween experience
In the moment, it's all too easy to get caught up in the process of finding a costume to the point where it feels like what you wear on the night of Halloween is the end all be all. Yet, what will really live on in your memories of the night aren't the costumes you and your bae wore, but the time you spent together, the friends you were with and the shenanigans you got into.

Are you and your bae dressing up together for Halloween or rocking solo looks? Tell us in the comments.

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by Katherine Logan | 10/13/2018