Why owning a cat is better than having a boyf

We can't lie, if we had to choose between spending eternity with our beloved animals or with our bae, we'd have to go with our furry friends. Cats make the perfect ride or die pets. They'll stick with you through thick and thin and snub anyone else that doesn't. Plus, there's nothing better than snuggling up with a cozy, cute ball of fur—and that's why this National Cat Day we're celebrating with a list of reasons why your feline makes the ultimate bae.

1. Whenever you need them, your cat is there for you.

With your cat, there's no playing games...unless by games you mean teasing them with their favorite toys. Your cat is available to give you unconditional love 24/7, no need to wait around for a text or call.

2. They make the perfect company to celebrate the holidays

Who needs a bae to celebrate the holidays with? Your cat is the perfect companion for late night, holiday-themed movie marathons, singing along to your favorite tunes, and knocking out your festive to-do lists. They also look even more adorable when dressed up in cute, themed outfits and are a little less likely to put up a fight than a boyfriend.

3. Your cat's needs are easier to decipher than a crush's

When you're in a relationship, it can feel like your partner is sending mixed signals. Interpreting what they're looking for from you can sometimes feel next to impossible. Your cat may speak a different language, but you never have to fret that the two if you aren't on the same page. All it wants is your food, play and affection, which you can easily deliver.

4. Their nine lives are the perfect reminder that you've only got one

Your cat may have the luxury of basking in the sun all day to their heart's content, yet their fun spirit and attitude during their waking hours can serve as the perfect reminder that you only live once. Regardless of what anyone else might say, you can count on your cat to support even your wildest dreams. Also, if you get knocked down, just like them, chances are you'll land on your two feet and rise up in no time. So what are you waiting for? Give your cat some love and then go out there and take the world by storm.

Do you have a cat? If so, what's your favorite thing about them? Let us know in the comments below.

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by Katherine Logan | 10/29/2017