Everything you need to know about having your first kiss


So, you finally met the person you want to have your first kiss with. They’re funny, kind and totally BF/GF material. Maybe you’re already in a relationship with that person or you really want to things to the next stage: kissing.

The only downside? You’ve never kissed anyone before and the thought of kissing someone is downright scary. You know that you want to kiss your potential bae, but you’re not sure what to do. You may wonder what you should expect when you finally get that kiss. Maybe you’ve even put off the kiss because you were so nervous about what to do.

Don’t worry, girls, because we’ve got all the deets on everything you need to know about your first kiss.

It’s probably not going to be like the movies
We get it, who wouldn’t dream about having the perfect first kiss like Maddy and Olly in Everything, Everything? You need to remember that that was only a movie. They could've filmed that kiss about 50 times before they got it right. In reality, what you should expect is it to be a little awkward, but very exciting. Don’t try to make it like the movies because it’ll be so much more memorable when you try to make it your own.

You’ll know when you’re ready
Has everyone else in your friend group already had their first kiss? Does it feel like you probably should have had yours by now? Trust us when we say that it’s OK if you haven’t had your first kiss yet. Don’t feel pressured to rush into your first kiss because everyone else is doing it. There are 13 year olds who have had their first kiss and there are 25 year olds who have never been kissed. Make sure whenever you do decide to have your first kiss, it’s with someone that you feel comfortable with and it’s on your terms.

It’s OK to speak up
Is there something that doesn’t seem right in your kiss? Don’t be afraid to break it off and let them know that you’re not OK with how they're kissing or if you've decided that you don't actually want to kiss. Are they moving their hands too much? Are you just feeling not feeling comfortable? Make sure you tell your partner that so you can make your next kiss even better.

Don’t be afraid to initiate to it
Who says you can’t initiate your first kiss? Don’t keep waiting for your S/O to make the first move. If the time is right, both you and your partner are comfortable and you’re ready, go for it. Just lean in and if your S/O is leaning in to, that’s a good sign that the kiss is going to happen.

Get ready for it
You have all the advice and you’re totally set for your first kiss, but you can’t help getting a bit nervous about the condition of your lips. For soft lips, use a sugar scrub to get rid of all your dead skin and keep them hydrated with your favorite lip balm (we heart Lush's Lip Scrub in Honey and Glossier's Balm Dot Com in Cherry). Also, make sure you keep some mints just in case!

Do what feels natural to you
When the kiss is about to happen, you might be a little nervous. But at the end of the day, just do what feels natural to you. There’s not one way to kiss, so have fun with it and don’t stress out. If things don’t turn out perfect, chances are, after enjoying your first kiss, you’ll have the opportunity to practice a couple more times!

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by Katlyn Pierre | 11/2/2017