The ultimate *no dating* dating advice when you're crushing hard

You and your crush mutually like each other but your parents say you're too young to date. So what's a girl to do? You could go behind your parents back and date anyways but that would be dishonest and get you into major trouble. Plus, we don’t recommend lying to your parents and damaging the bond you guys have. Instead, why not get to know your crush as friends? Dating is not the *end all be all*. Try these four ways to strike up a friendship with your crush.

Hang in a group setting
This allows you to spend time with your crush without the exclusivity of just the two of you. Hanging out outside of a classroom will give you a chance to get to know one another better in a more relaxed setting.

Join the same sports team or club 
Have a common interest with your crush? Get involved in a school activity together. Not only are you getting to hang out but you're having fun and not breaking any rules.

Start a study group
While it might be hard to focus on homework when your crush is literally inches away from you, this is a great way to learn what topics your crush is super passionate about. 

Have lunch together
Lunch break. That coveted time between classes where your social life resumes. It's also a great opportunity to invite your crush to sit with you and your squad. Feeling extra confident? Try having a solo lunch, with just your crush. 

So what are your thought on being friends with your crush? Can it be done? Tell us in the comments down below.


by Britnee Wright | 2/15/2019