15 gifs that pretty much sum up *you* on a date

Between the major freak outs and the mushy moments, going on a date is a total rollercoaster. These gifs are *totally* you trying to sort through the madness. 

They sent a "Hey" text and you're screaming for joy.

But it doesn't stop there. The ... of more typing pops up and you're freaking.

They ask you "What's up?" and you respond with something funny and witty, not only showcasing your humor, but also your brains. 

They want to take you out but tell you to pick where to go. Can't they just decide for you?

You finally decide on going to the movies. Now it's time to tear through your closet to pick out the cutest outfit.

Obviously, you text all your friends to make sure they like the outfit too. And they're all like:

When they finally come to pick you up they smile and tell you how great you look. You're heart absolutely melts.

You're walking into the theatre but they don't hold the door open for you. You're *kinda* annoyed, but also know you're a strong independent woman. You end up walking in like:

The movie was something they picked out, not really your cup of tea. You almost fall asleep halfway through, but then pretend like you had been watching the whole time.

The movie ends and you're starving. Just as the thought pops into your head, they ask if you want to get some ice cream. On the inside you're like:

But on the outside you play it cool:

You try each other's ice cream flavors and the conversation flows so naturally. You can't even try to hide how cute you think it is.

*Ugh*, it's time to go home and you can't believe how fast it went. You didn't want it to end.


They take you home, say goodbye and ask when they're going to see you next. Your heart flutters (but like, a million beats a minute)

You go inside, plop into bed and immediately start thinking about the next date. 

Which GIF do you relate to most? Let us know in the comments!


by Alyson Trager | 1/15/2020