In a text rut with your crush? Send these gifs NOW!

Missing your crush? Spark up a text convo STAT with these fun and flirty gifs.

If you're dreading the first day of school: This gif from the new movie Dora and the Lost City of Gold (out now!) perfectly sums up all the awkward feelings you're probably *both* harboring about heading back to class. Send it with a quick "Helppppp! I don't wanna go backkkkk" and we're sure he'll like it. 

If you want to subtly suggest a date: Is it, like, mega hot where you are? Send this gif by itself if you want to drop a quick ice cream date hint. Feeling gutsy? Pair it with a "Meet at [insert local ice cream shop] later?"

If you just want to get a laugh: Let's face it, Spongebob is a people pleaser! Send this with something like, "So bored" and see where the convo goes. 

Tried one of our gifs? Comment below with how it went!


by Jacqueline F. | 7/23/2019