"I'm crushing on two people!" All your bae probs, solved

Love isn't always easy—and every crush *def* comes with its challenges. Don't worry: We've got advice on *all* your biggie bae sitches, from handling love triangles to saying goodbye to a player

Problem: I'm crushing on two people...

Solution: Make a pro/con list (and write it down somewhere secret). Maybe Bae 1 has magical hazel eyes, while Bae 2 makes you laugh like no one else. Then, there are the cons—Bae 2 takes hours to answer texts, while Bae 1 can't be bothered to get to know your crew.

Circle the pros you couldn't live without...and the cons you can handle. Is there a clear winner? Bonus solution: Flip a coin. When it's in the air, ask yourself who you're hoping it lands on. There's your answer. 

Problem: My crush is talking to, like, 10 other girls...

Solution: Ask them point-blank if they like you (that is, if you've made it clear you're into them as more than a friend). If they say yes, watch how they act around other people. Is it friendly or flirty? The foundation of every relationship is trust. If bae's other connections are making you insecure, it's time to speak up—or say goodbye.

Problem: My bestie and I have the same crush...

Solution: Have an honest convo with your BFF. What would it mean if your crush dated her? Or dated you? What about if you both agreed to ditch this bae—or give it a shot and see who has more chemistry? Make sure you're on the same page before taking action. That way you have a plan to keep your friendship intact, no matter what happens. 

Problem: My crush hasn't introduced me to their friends...

Solution: Plan a super-fun gathering for both your squads—ice skating, scavenger hunt, sports game or movie night. The laid-back vibe helps everyone feel relaxed and get to know each other in a low-stakes setting, plus gives you extra time with bae. 

What's your biggest bae problem? Comment below! 


by Katherine Hammer | 12/3/2019