6 adorable ways to surprise bae on Valentine's Day

Your crush makes you feel special all the time, and you're always racking your brain on how to return the favor. Now, the season of romance is right around the corner, and you don't have a plan! 

Fortunately, we thought about it for you. Below are our fave Valentine's Day ideas (on a budget!) to make your crush swoon. 

1. Create your own heart-shaped pizzas

While you binge your fave show on Netflix or listen to each other's playlists, take a minute to make some pizza! Ordering delivery may be easier, but we have no doubt that creating your own cheesy dinner will make for some extra special bonding with your crush. Here's a recipe we heart.

2. Build a state-of-the-art movie marathon fort

Do movie night in style with a totes cute blanket fort in your living room. This vid gives great insight into how to make the perf fort, so all you need to worry about is which movies you will be watching!

3. Get crafty with a "date night in a box"

If you are the kind of couple that is *always* stressing about where to go on dates, look no further! The vid above will show you how to make a DIY date night box, which means you will never have to waste time on disagreeing about which restaurant to hit again.

4. Send them on a V-Day scavenger hunt

For a total surprise, send your bae on a scavenger hunt! They will def be shocked to see how hard you worked to give them a special day, and they will totes appreciate it. Check out the scavenger hunt above by Madelaine Petsch, i.e. Riverdale's Cheryl Blossom!

5. DIY a cooking class

Looking for a little challenge this V-Day? If that's the case, try making some of these super-simple recipes; it's like a cooking class in your kitchen! Most of these recipes are healthy and cheap, so they are perf for the high school budget.

6. Get cozy with a game night

After the holidays and midterm season, we bet you and your crush would both love some relaxation —plus, who doesn't love board games?! The games in this vid are perf for couples, which means any of them should be great to get the ball rolling on your V-Day date.

What are your V-Day plans to surprise your crush? Tell us in the comments!


by Logan Potter | 1/9/2020