Want to make the first move with your crush? Here’s how

Whoa—major hottie alert! What do you do? Do you just go up to them? Should you offer them a seat with you at lunch? Are you feeling as clueless as Cher? Take a breath and remember that they are just a person, just like you. You are totally allowed and capable of going up to your new crush and making the first move. Here are a few tips that will help you embark on your newfound romantic territory. 

School work is a great wingman 


When you have no idea how to approach your future bae, pull a Cady Heron and use your math homework as an excuse to start up a conversation. You don't have to take all of Cady's moves, though—instead of acting like you're failing math, you can try checking answers together or asking for some extra study tips. This will show that special someone just how intelligent and dedicated you are. 

Explore your commonalties 


OMG! The cutie sitting across from you is reading the Harry Potter series! If you're a die-hard fan too, feel free to start talking about which Hogwarts house you both belong to. If not, that's totally OK. Ask about the book and what makes it interesting. Try to find movies, games or subjects you both enjoy and build the beginnings of the relationship from there. Remember to stay true to your favorites, and avoid being swayed to just agree with your crush on everything. The differences you two have are just as important.

Share your humor 


There is no better feeling than having a good swoon-worthy laughfest with your crush. Send over one of your favorite memes or share an embarrassing moment from your past. Then, watch that nervous butterfly-in-your-stomach energy be replaced with real chemistry and belly laughs.

Be genuine and honest



When you are confident that your special someone is truly special, you can be open and tell them! That may sound like the scariest thing in the world, but you can start off slow with some flirting or a genuine compliment. Tell them you really like their outfit or the answer they gave in class. Making your interest known to someone doesn't mean you have to outright say, "Hey, I have the world's biggest crush on you, and I can't stop thinking about it." Keep it casual and just ask them if they want to hang out after school to catch a movie or get food. You can even invite your besties. Have fun with it and be you.

Which tip is your go-to? Let us know in the comments!


by Cassandra R Lopez | 1/24/2020