How to plan your first date over Zoom

Did that cutie finally ask you out just when you aren't allowed to...well...go out? Well, the good news is that Zoom is not only useful for getting your latest math lesson. Here are some tips on setting up the most successful and romantic virtual date yet. 

Plan together 


Have a quick chat with your future bae before the date. First, you will have to agree on a set time for your Zoom date. Are you going to try to have a meal together or maybe play a board game virtually? Ironing out the major details beforehand will make for a smoother and less nerve-wracking experience. However, it's totally ok if not everything goes to plan. Be open and welcoming to the spontaneous or unexpected events. This is a date over *Zoom* after all.

Get ready as you normally would


Girl, this is still a date even if your cutie can't actually take you out. Don't skip out on one of the most memorable parts of the dating experience: getting yourself ready! Get excited by showing your bestie your outfit options over FaceTime or getting your sister's opinion on which lip gloss to wear. Be as creative and bold as you want. The effort will not only exemplify how confidently you carry yourself, but it will also show that your cared to make a good impression. 

Setting still matters 

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Find little ways to make this the date of your dreams! You can hang twinkle lights around your room or create a chill playlist to play softly in the background while you guys talk, just like if you were actually in a cafe or restaurant.  

Be mindful of your etiquette


It can be super easy to get distracted when the only thing keeping you and your date connected is a screen. Try your best to silence your notifications and give that special someone your undivided attention. Let your friends and family know about your plans so they can avoid causing any interruptions. 

Use the weirdness to your advantage


First dates are already known to be awkward without having to worry about your little brother barging in saying it's your turn to do the dishes. The best thing to do is try to have fun with it and don't take it too seriously. As always, just remember to be fully yourself and everything else will come naturally. And hey, if things start to go really bad, you can just say your computer crashed!

Have you ever had a date over Zoom? Tell us about your experience below!


by Cassandra R Lopez | 4/20/2020