Your *official* guide to flirting on Snapchat

Flirting tactics have changed tremendously in the face of the coronavirus—with schools suspended, a smile across the classroom or slight wink in the hallway won't cut it.

Social distancing guidelines are set firmly in stone, making it more difficult to drop hints that you're into someone. But just because you're incapable of crushing in person doesn't mean you can't still showcase how much you care; in fact, conversing through Snapchat is one of the best ways for someone to infer that you like them. "Now that I can't go outside or attend social media conventions, using Snap is my primary way to talk with boys," says teen music artist Jillian Rose. "I value in-person interactions, but using an online platform is the next best way to connect." Kelsey Cook, who plays Kimmie on Brat TV's Chicken Girls, seconds the notion: "Snapchat makes me confident when it comes to talking to guys. I'm feeling braver and more social than ever!"

Indeed, chatting behind a screen can make it much easier to flirt, as there is less pressure on the situation—so go for it! Check out some of our do's and don'ts below to start Snapping your crush like a pro.

Don't be shy—say hi!

It's totally fine to make the first move once in a while, as long as you're not the only one making an effort. Start by sending a selfie that shows off your whole face (no half shots!) with a simple "hey."

Find good lighting.

Position yourself in front of a window so the natural sunlight hits your face well. Shots taken in a dark setting will seem as if you're intentionally trying to hide your appearance.

Don't respond right away (but don't wait forever).

Wait 15-20 minutes before answering your crush so it doesn't appear like you're eagerly awaiting their response—people love a good chase! If the anticipation is driving you crazy, swipe right on the message to read a part of it (without releasing your grip entirely), and the person won't know you opened the chat.

Ditch the emojis.

A stereotypical kissy face or read heart isn't always effective. Instead, drop a ";)" to subtly hint at how you feel and keep your crush on his/her toes.

Use excess letterssss.

No, it's not a typo. Adding extra letters at the end of each sentence actually reflects a lingering interest, suggesting that you want the conversation to continue (i.e. "heyyy" or "what's uppp").

Be authentic.

If you only send Snapchats in full glam, the person you're talking to may feel like you're trying too hard to woo them. Instead, share pics of your day-to-day life in quarantine, whether you're cooking, running or relaxing with a face mask—a little humor is always admired.

Take advantage of the video chat feature.

After you and your crush have been chatting for a week or so, casually mention "we shld ft sometime" in a conversation. The more you two interact, the closer you'll be to making your relationship *official.*

Do you flirt using Snapchat? Comment below! 


by Carrie Berk | 4/27/2020