Your *perfect* romantic match based on your zodiac sign

Searching for someone who will best match your energy? Wondering where the stars are pointing for you cosmic match? Don't worry babes, we've got you. Read on to find out which sign you are most compatible with!


Aries gals, your best matches are Sagittarius and Aquarius. You love someone who can keep up with your fire-sign passion, and these two free-spirited signs will go along with any of your spur-of-the-moment ideas. 



Taurus babes, your best match would be with someone who shares traits with Capricorns and Aquarians. You will be able to see eye-to-eye with them (*very* important for an earth sign like you!), and both of your driven natures will help you accomplish great things. 



Geminis, your compassionate air-sign nature will flow perfectly with Libra's and Sagittarius' optimistic and enthusiastic attitudes. And your love for excitement will lead to the best.dates.ever. Hello romantic adventure!



Cancer cuties, your perfect match lies in the hearts of Taurus and Leo. Your loyal tendencies will leave them both with complete heart eyes, and they will make you swoon with their stability. 



Leos, your best match would be with someone who shares the deep romantic nature of Cancers and Scorpios. And as a plus? They would be totally down for taking all the cute couple pics for your Insta. It's just too perfect.



Virgo gals, you're all about organization and authenticity, and ofc your best matches are Cancer and Capricorn. Cancers have a sweet, sensitive attitude, and Capricorns are able to balance out your need for a secure relationship.


Libra ladies, you are most compatible with Sagittarius or another fellow Libra. Your free-spirit and expressive nature fit perfectly with the fiery side of a Sagittarius. Libras and Sagittariuses also have great communication skills, so there will never be a boring conversation! Libras match well with other Libras because you will appreciate each other's uniqueness and can bond over shared values.


Scorpio gals, your deep water-sign energy is embraced most by a Capricorn or Aries. With a Capricorn, you will learn a lot from each other—like different ways to express your emotions. A relationship with an Aries would be passionate and exciting because you would bring out the fiery sides of each other. Lots of spontaneous adventures to look forward to here!


Capricorn cuties, your motivating energy matches best with a Pisces or a Virgo. With a Pisces or a Virgo, you will find that you absolutely *love* doing everything together. They would be sure to support you and form strong trust rust in the relationship.


Aquarius babes, your love for independence and fun will be best embraced with a Sagittarius or a fellow Aquarius. They will totally be down to start a new hobby with you or start a new DIY project, and you always know who you can turn to when you want a deep conversation. 


Pisces girlies, you are most compatible with a Taurus and a Libra. Your creative and compassionate outlook on life will fit perfectly with the energy from a Taurus and a Libra. Get excited for all the cheesy romantic dates!

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by Lily Baker and Serena Sherwood | 11/27/2020