How to handle a long distance relationship during COVID-19


Relationships can be hard, especially during the pandemic. Maybe you've been in a long-distance relationship (LDR) for awhile, or maybe state restrictions or social distancing has turned it into one. Whether you're three hours away from your significant other (or 30 minutes), it can be tough. 

The 5 Love Languages can help couples understand how they give and receive love. It's important to know your love language as well as your partner's. Each person has a primary love language that can be greatly affected by long distances and time spent apart.

How do I survive my long distance relationship?  By knowing and using the 5 Love Languages.

Words of affirmation


If your love language is words of affirmation, you greatly appreciate thoughtfulness, compliments and "I love you's." You or your partner like to hear the reasons why you love them and that you're on their mind.

You can send heartwarming texts, initiate phone calls and let them know how you feel. Maybe you always send them a good morning text, or a "good luck" right before a test. If you're scrolling through TikTok or Twitter, send them the video or meme that would bring a smile to their face.

Remember, your partner isn't physically next to you, so they can't see your facial expressions or feel your emotions. Make sure your words are clear and you let them know you care.

Acts of service


If your love language is acts of service, this means you like when others thoughtfully do things for you. Communicate with your boyfriend or girlfriend that this is your love language. If you want something, don't be afraid to ask. 

This can be a difficult love language to implement in an LDR, but don't worry. Take the time to FaceTime and help eachother with homework. If he's having a bad day, give him a call and simply listen. Pay attention to the little things that make them happy. 

Receiving gifts


If this is you or your partner's love language, you *love* to receive gifts. This isn't greedy—this is sentimental!

You don't have to spend much. Use snailmail to send them handwritten love letters, or send them a bouquet of fresh flowers. 

If writing isn't your thing, send a small gift in the mail. It could be something you found online that made you think of them, or maybe a drawing that you created. No matter what, they'll love and appreciate the thoughtfulness. 

Quality time


It can be hard to schedule time to spend with eachother in a LDR. This might require a bit of compromise *and* scheduling, but it will benefit both of you. 

Plan FaceTime dates, like a Netflix night with your fave movies or a night of playing online games. If you know eachother's schedules, try to talk at a certain time every day. If this doesn't work out, give eachother grace and find a time that might work for the both of you. 

All your partner *really* wants is to spend time together—dedicate some of it to them whenever you can.

Physical touch 


Alright, this love language *might* be the most difficult in a LDR. This means that love is given and received through touch like holding hands, hugs or cuddling. Although the distance is setting you apart, there are some *super* creative ways to get the hugs you need.

Send her something cozy that reminds her of you. This could be your sweatshirt, their favorite stuffed animal or an *extrememly* cozy blanket. They'll be able to cuddle it when they feel lonely, or when they miss you. 

Prioritize visits whenever it's possible. COVID-19 has made this difficult with social distancing and travel restrictions. If you decide to see eachother in person, make sure you're following CDC guidelines and your state's travel restrictions (this includes self-quarantines and COVID tests). 

Overall, the best way to survive a LDR is to give each other grace, space when needed and *always* make the effort to keep in touch. Communication is key in any relationship, *especially* a long distance one. 

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by Allie Lijewski | 11/10/2020