"My crush lied about wanting a relationship!" One GL girl's story

Back when I was 16 I had a *major* crush on a really cute senior trombone player in marching band. We always flirted with one another and my friends encouraged me to ask him out since my feelings for him were super obvious. After two months of being indecisive, I finally built up the courage and asked him out. He turned me down saying he was too busy for a relationship, since he was focusing on getting good grades and applying to colleges. I was bummed but I was understanding and we continued being friends until the end of marching band season.

Later on in the school year, I saw him at a basketball game with a popular senior girl. They were holding hands and smiling at each other all night and I found out that they had been dating for at least a week or two. I was so upset that my crush had lied to me that I started to avoid him in the hallways so I didn’t have to see his face. The worst!

All GIFs via GIPHY. Photo by Trinity Kubassek from Pexels.


by Chaela Williams | 2/10/2021