GIRL TALK: A Diamond In The Rough

Well you know how the older you get, the more drama. Well I was going out with this guy name Bryan, and I really liked him. Like  a lot! Well then he broke up with me for my BFF! Well they started to hold hands, hug each other, and most of the time, KISS! I have never been kissed, but we use to hold hands, and hug each other. Sometimes when they did that right in front of me I would cry. It was embarrassing but I really liked him. Then one day there were rumors saying that they broke up! Then Bryan gives me a note saying he is really sorry, and he wants to go back out with me. I don’t know if I want to go back out with him, because he really hurt my feelings, and I’m really emotional. But then again, I really like him, and the thought of me and him holding hands and hugging, and maybe my first kiss, makes me want to go out with him and give him a chance, but I don’t want to get hurt again. Love stinks. My mom told me to save my first kiss for a special moment, but I HATE being the only person in my school, that has never been kissed! What should I do?
Wow, talk about a love triangle. I’m going to have to go on board with your mom, Diamond. The first kiss is something a girl will remember for the rest of their life. You definitely want it to be special and right. Meaning, you want it to be with the right guy. This Bryan however, does not seem like the right guy to me. It’s one thing to break up with you for another girl, but for your BFF! I’m all about giving people second chances, but such a sacrilege is hard to forgive (you are a better person than I)!
If you really think Bryan is being sincere and are willing to forgive his past behavior, then give him a second chance. But if you are only getting back together with him so that you can have your first kiss, then I have to object. You don’t want to waste your first kiss on someone who doesn’t appreciate just how fabulous you are.
Don’t worry so much about it. It WILL happen to you! Besides, don’t you want it to be something spontaneous and memorable rather than something forced and unnatural?
I’m a no drama type of girl. If there is anyway to avoid it, I say why not?
What does your BFF think about all this bouncing back and forth?! Maybe you could talk to her about it? If they broke up, she could know some dish on why he’s not worthwhile.

Hoping for the best,

9/22/2008 4:31:00 PM