8 ways to stay connected in a long-distance relationship

Long-distance relationships are tough on everyone. It's hard to stay connected when you're miles (or even coasts) apart. After all, how do you bond without midnight milkshake dates and spontaneous sunset hikes? Read on for 8 ways to keep close with your boo even if they're not right beside you.

Cozy up for a virtual Netflix date

Start a TV series together or stream the same film on Netflix. You can even use an app like Teleparty to watch at the same time. It's *almost* as good as an IRL movie date. And if you can't watch simultaneously? Set aside time to share your thoughts on the latest episode the next time you chat on the phone. Pro tip: No spoilers, and don't watch ahead!

Ask each other the deep questions

There are tons of fun questionnaires on the internet that'll help you learn loads about your S.O. (Srsly, who knew their spirit animal was a red panda?) To forge a stronger connection, ask each other the *real* stuff, like their dreams for the future and their proudest accomplishments. Check out these 36 questions that lead to love, settle in on FaceTime with a cup of coffee and ask away!

Send them surprise tokens of appreciation

Write them a letter or make them a gift to show your appreciation. Not able to mail something physically? Put together a heartfelt homemade video. If you're interested in web development, create a site with Glitch that generates all the different reasons why you love them. It's a win-win: You can pick up a new skill along the way (who knew you were such a coding queen?) and make your S.O. swoon at the same time.

Bond over a virtual puzzle date

Create an online crossword puzzle that will reveal a special hidden message. (Plus, it's pretty cute to see your BF or GF crack the code.) Show off all the fun facts you know about them by using them as crossword clues—they'll be surprised that you remember their least favorite fruit is blueberries.

Play a game together

From GamePigeon to Among Us, games are a great chance to show off your playful side and feel a sense of togetherness. Plus, who doesn't love a little bit of healthy competition?

Find your love language

What are the little gestures that make your guy or gal smile? Is it tagging them in silly TikToks that remind you of them? Or maybe it's sending them a sweet goodnight text before bed. Try to figure out the romantic gestures that resonate with both of you—it'll help deepen your connection.

Share your fave songs

Everyone loves a good playlist, so cultivate a collection of tunes that reminds you of your fave relationship memories. Save the song from your first homecoming dance together, a romantic ballad to play when you miss each other and a bop that just makes you want to dance in the rain. If you're musically-inclined, play them a sweet, self-written song during your next FaceTime call.

Have a routine

Life can get unpredictable, but knowing that you'll always have time to catch up with your bae at some point of the day keeps things stable. There's nothing cuter than knowing that there will always be a pick-me-up text waiting for you on your lunch break (they know you can't help but crack a smile at a cute kitten GIF).

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by Mathurah Ravigulan | 6/18/2021