4 ways to take the convo from texting to IRL

Let's be real—sometimes it can feel *impossible* to transition from chatting with your crush over the phone to face-to-face. Whether you've been texting for two weeks or two months, nothing feels more frustrating than waiting by the phone all night when you could be spending some quality time getting to know each other in person. If you're feeling stuck, read on for ten ways to help kick-start that transition from iMessage to IRL. 

1. Invite them to hang out in a group setting.

Doing something as a group can help take some of the pressure off of hanging out for the first time. Having a buffer of other people can make things feel *way* more relaxed and a lot less like a date. Plus, inviting your crush to hang out with you and your besties is a great way to see how they vibe together. You can even encourage your texting buddy to bring their friends along, too. They'll feel a lot more comforable this way, which is *always* a good thing. 

How to ask them: "Hey! My friends and I are gonna go check out the fair that's in town this weekend. Wanna come with?" 



2. Bond over a shared interest, then bring it to life. 

Think about all of the things that you and your crush have in common. Maybe you're both super into alternative music, or maybe you both love sushi. Pick an interest you share and use it as the basis of a casual hangout. By centering the plan around something you both love, you're able to express your personal interests all while inviting them to do the same. Right away, you'll have *lots* to talk about (goodbye, awkward silence!). 

How to ask them: "I've been waiting to see Black Widow with someone who loves Marvel as much as I do. We should go together!" 

3. Offer your help. 

One of the best ways to feel secure in making the first move is to be sure you're doing something that's in your comfort zone. An easy way to do this is to notice if your crush is struggling with something. Are they having a hard time in their summer math course, and you got a 90 in algebra? Offer to help them study. Are they pet sitting for the first time, and you're a total animal lover? Ask if they want you to show them the best dog park around. Pick something you're good at and use it to your advantage. They'll love seeing you shine. 

How to ask them: Wait, you're taking the SAT next month? I just took it this spring. I have some prep books we can look at if you want!" 

4. Ask them to show you their hobbies.

If there's something your crush is super passionate about, why not ask them about it? Odds are, they'll be pumped that you want to spend time with them and just as excited to show you what they're good at. Who knows? You just might find a brand new summer interest (and a cute buddy to share it with)! 

How to ask them: It's so cool that you can play the drums! Would you ever want to show me how?

Still stuck? Here's one last piece of advice...

If you never make the jump, you'll never know all the fun you're missing out on. So go ahead and press send! You *totally* got this. 

How to ask them: I've really been enjoying getting to know you. Do you wanna grab ice cream this week? 

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by Lena Genovese | 7/22/2021