5 unexpected ways to get your crush to notice you this school year


Going back to in-person school brings the chance to connect with teachers, best friends and, ofc, crushes. But your flirt game is probably a bit rusty from the year you spent on Zoom. Wondering how you can catch a certain cutie’s attention this Fall? GL has all the advice with 5  unexpected ways to get your crush to notice you this school year. Scroll on for some ideas sure to grab your crush’s attention.

Dress in a style that reflects your personality


Want your crush to notice how *amaze* you are without just striking up a convo? Express your personality with the clothes you wear. If you’re a super sporty athlete, wear your game day gear to class. Always the funny one in your friend group? Bright, bold colors and patterns will help your inner comedian shine. As long as you’re staying true to your personality and you like what you’re wearing, people will notice the real—and really confident—you.

Bring your silliest at-home self to school


Don’t leave your fun side at home when you head back to the classroom. If you show your silly side at home, bring that version of yourself to school. Your classmates and your crush are sure to notice how funny and comfortable you are when you’re being your authentic self. Even if you feel awkward at first, it’s good to go out of your comfort zone. You might just make some new BFFs, too.  

Go out for leadership roles in things you’re passionate about


Whether it’s a celeb that speaks out for change, a sports coach that always motivates you, or a bestie who runs her own biz, there’s probably a leader in your life that you admire. News flash: you can be that girl. At the start of the new school year, go out for leadership roles in things you’re passionate about. Become the chair of the chess club, the lead in the new school play, or the one reading morning announcements. Not only is it great for catching your crush’s attention, but it also looks good on your college apps.

Try out that bold new hairdo you’ve always wanted


If you’ve been eyeing a cute ‘cut forever, take this as your sign to go for it. There’s nothing like a brand new look to make you your most confident self. Just make sure you read up on how long it takes to grow back, how to care for it, and what particular cut is the best for your face shape. If a chop isn’t your thing, consider doing a temporary dye. Your fam can help you make sure you’re doing the best treatment for your hairstyle. 

Volunteer in class—even if you aren’t sure of the answer


It might sound strange that participating in class could get your crush to notice you. But if you think about who you remember from your classes, it’s probably the person who spoke up a lot. Even if you’re not sure what the answer to the teacher’s question is, try to volunteer when you have an idea. It’s an easy way to get your classmates, including your crush, to remember who you are *and* what classes you have together. Your teacher will appreciate it too.

At the end of the day, getting your crush to notice you is all about being yourself. When others can tell that you’re happy as you are—not trying to change yourself for anyone—you’ll attract the people you need in your life, trust.

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Title Photo: Polina Tankilevitch/Pexels


by Bailey Bujnosek | 8/8/2021