What your costume not-so-secretly reveals about your love life

It's *finally* October! And you know we're prepping our costumes weeks in advance. And we couldn't help but wonder...Do our costume choices describe our, um, ~romantic~ relationship status?

So we sat down to figure it out and tbh? This feels pretty spot-on to us. Your love life answers (via your spooky Halloween costume go-to's) await...



You love gathering the girls and grabbing the best group get-up. Whether it's the Mario Kart gang or the M&M cuties, you're showing up to school oh-so-coordinated.

What it means: The girl gang logic applies to all aspects of your life. You need your besties' advice when it comes to love, from knowing if someone is right (or wrong) for you to deciding if you should be crushing on that cutie from chem class. Don't get us wrong, advice from our friends is so often needed, but don't forget that the person in charge of your decisions is Y-O-U.



Wait....Halloween is tomorrow? You grab your old bedsheets and some scissors and get down to business. TikTok made sheet ghosts ~chic ghosts~, right?

What it means: You're known as the go-with-the-flow girlie, and we love that for you. You don't take life too seriously, and same rules apply for love. Sure, you've got your eye on a few special potential someones, but you don't need to be boo'd up (see what we did there?). If you're finding yourself falling, you play it chill and wait for them to be drawn to your glow. Our advice? Just don't be afraid to pursue someone if it feels right!

If you love...GOING ALL OUT


You've been prepping for this since September. Spirit Halloween wasn't even open when you designed your costume and got to work. Fake fangs, bunny ears, big tutus and costume makeup are on standby for October 31.

What it means: You're a girl with a plan and we salute you. You are the walking definition of "go big or go home" and that's never more true than in your love life. When you crush, you crush hard, and the occasional name-doodled-in-the-notebook isn't hard to find in your notes. And we know you've figured out the perfect coordinating Prom colors. We love how much heart you put into what you do, but remember to slow down and savor the moment with your crush.

If you love...THE 'OL RELIABLE


A week before the spooky day itself, you dig out your cutest bumblebee costume and trusty headband antennae. You've looked *so* cute for three years in a row, and you're not stopping now, honey.

What it means: You love keeping things consistent, and we can't blame you; frankly, we're totally jealous of your flawless planner. But sometimes that nervousness for new things makes you slow to exploring a new crush or asking your lap partner out (finally!). So break the status quo every now and then! Let yourself try something totally out of your comfort zone and plan the winter formal proposal.



When we say you watched the Met Gala this year, we mean you studied those 'fits until your found your costume inspo. You love hitting Halloween with the trendiest, funniest, pop culture references you can think of.

What it means: You're absolutely up-to-date on alllll the school gossip. You know who everyone likes, and maybe even who likes you. It's fun to know the cute goss and commentate from the outside, but you might be finding yourself watching from the outside in. Get in there girl! It's fun to have crushes of your own, no matter how much you might love listening to your friends' sleepover stories, maybe it's time to start having your own!

Did you relate to this? What's your Halloween costume? Let us know on Insta @girlslifemag!


by Erin Sargent | 10/5/2021