And The Award Goes To...

I had a huge crush on a super hot guy for like 2 years. He talked to me a lot, but I knew I could never be with him cuz he was always talking about his crush (I didn't know he was talking about me the whole time). The day before Valentine's Day, he told me,"I'm gonna kiss my crush on Valentines Day. She's so beautiful, and I just can't wait any longer." I thought it was weird that he told me this, and I almost cried when he told me. The next day, on Valentine's Day, when I was leaving my locker, he came up to me and I asked, "How'd the kiss go?" Then he said,"You tell me," and KISSED ME!!!! It was soo amazing and I thought he deserved some kinda award for that!
1/6/2009 1:32:00 PM