Kissing Catastrophe!

Lately I have been wondering a lot about boys and...well, kissing. What is it like to have your first kiss? Is it a weird feeling? Do you like to do it or does it feel like something you have to do?
And why, when ever a boy becomes my friend I end up flirting with him even tho I don't like him?
I need help!

- ali*bunny*cat*moew '

Dear Ali Bunny,

My first kiss was a guy named Ryan in eighth grade. It was OK, nothing fabulous, a lot of teeth clicking but not too much drool. Nevertheless, it was a stomach-full-of-butterflies moment (it didn’t hurt that he was super cute). It’s not a weird feeling, it’s more of an excited/nervous/shaky feeling...but in a GOOD way. Your first kiss is NEVER flawless, so don’t worry about being perfect at it, after all it is your first time!

You should never feel like you HAVE to kiss someone. If they are pressuring you then you are with someone who is not a good person. I know there is a lot of pressure to keep up with what other girls your age are doing, but don’t fall into this trap. A girl who is choosy about who she smooches is WAAAYYY more appealing than a girl who makes out with anyone and everyone.

Kiss someone when you are ready to. You want your first kiss to be fabulous, not something that was rushed and uncomfortable. Remember that the “right” time for one person isn’t necessarily the right time for another person. You will know when you want to kiss someone and you will be able to tell when your guy is ready as well.

Good Luck!
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5/18/2009 7:00:00 AM