Group Date Dilemma

Will you please help me with this sitch? You see, I’m 13 (in 7th grade) and am terrified bout going on a one on one date (plus I don’t think my parents would allow it). So instead I wanted to go on a kind of group date with three of my gal friends and three of our guy friends including the guy I like. I wanted to go to the movies with them.

Two of the girls I’m almost certain would be able to go because they've been to boy girl parties. me and another girl I’m not too sure. I’m almost positive my parents would allow it and same with the other girl (I’m def. gonna ask my rents b4 hand if I can go before I plan it).

it’s the guys I’m worried about. One of them I’m pretty much positive could go, plus he’s really good friends with all the girls I’m inviting. The other guy we know and he’s pretty cool. I’m just afraid we don't know him enough. I don't no if my crush could go. The other thing is I’m wondering if the guys would find it weird to be hanging out with a bunch of girls (more girls then guys) I really wanna work this out, but first I’d like some input.


Hey, Grrrrrrrrl!

First dates can definitely make you nervous, even if you've had plenty of them, ha ha! But remember, there is no RUSH to get into the dating scene. The fact that you're feeling uncomfortable, worrying about parents, and otherwise stressing may mean you're just not ready...and that's totally cool.

Instead of being so consumed with matchmaking (one boy for every girl) why not just have fun and plan some co-ed activities like the one you suggested? Boys make great friends...without the pressure and potential heartbreak that comes with young love. (And as long as they are with their buds too, they should be into hanging with girls too!) So I say, just chill out and have fun! When you actually WANT to spend one-on-one time with a boy, you'll know.

You may still be nervous (we all get butterflies before big events ... especially with crushes!) but it will feel natural.

Good luck and keep us in the loop!

Jessica B

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5/25/2009 7:00:00 AM