De-crush that boy

You’re trying to work on your tan, and there he is cheesing from across the pool. You’ve been honest and told him you’re not interested. Yet, he’s still all starry-eyed. Here are a few tips on how to get your non-crush to stop crushing on you—without destroying his ego.

Call his Bluff
Since he’s totally convinced you’re Miss Right-on, you’ll need to show him why he’s definitely wrong. Whenever he’s in earshot, talk a lot about how much you despise all the things you know give him joy. He’s a fanatic for hard-core metal? Make sure he hears you dissing Korn…and lauding Selena Gomez.

When talking to him, be sure it’s about the one thing most boys loathe—shopping! (“I got the cutest wedges on clearance at TJ Maxx.…) Spray it when you say it! Just kidding. That’s mean.

Play Cupid 
You know his type, so give it some thought. Is there a girl you’re pretty sure he might click with? No need to go all-out matchmaking, but you and your gal pal could conveniently drop past the ball field when you know he has practice.

Casually introduce them, then cross your fingers and hope they’ll hit it off. You could even mention how a bunch of your friends are going to the batting cages this weekend and “why don’t you two meet us there?”

Become Invisi-girl 
The more he sees you, the more he wants you. So…outta sight, outta mind. No need to move across the country and abandon your friends, but consider making a few temporary changes in your routine. If you always run into him at the arcade, spend a little more time at the park. You know he always shows up for the Saturday matinee? Avoid the theater that day. Point is, you need to make yourself way less accessible. If he rarely runs into you anymore, he’ll be forced to find a new obsession. One that isn’t you.

Shrug Him Off
Weird as it sounds, some guys are fueled by any reaction they can get out of the girl they like. Since those reactions can include, but aren’t limited to, eye rolling, teeth gritting, huffing and puffing, here’s what you should do: Whenever he speaks to you, answer him without the “Why are you so annoying?” tone or the “I’m just trying to be nice” smile. Instead, respond with the same emotion you would give reciting words from the pages of a history book. You’re guaranteed to come off as the nonchalant chica who’s un-intrigued by his presence.

Be Open-Hearted
If he can see that your heart belongs to another, he’ll eventually draw away. If you have a crush (and it’s not a secret), talk about him. A lot! Warn your friends ahead of time so they don’t think you’ve gone totally ga-ga, but lay it on thick.

Even if you have to talk about the BF from summer camp two years ago, go on and on about what an awesome guy he is and how you can’t wait to see him again (even though you don’t even so much as text-message him anymore).

Outwait Him
What guy wouldn’t hate to know the girl he likes is basically waiting for him to leave her alone? You were honest by telling him you don’t feel the same way about him, so it’s time to take your candor to the next level.

Tell him you’re just waiting for him to get over you and that you don’t mind waiting, no matter how long it takes. Every time he approaches you, repeat it. No guy wants to hear this from his crush ever, let alone repeatedly. Think of it as verbal pest repellent.


by Coryn Brown | 2/1/2016
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