V-Day dates he'll actually want to go on

With V-day less than a week away, there’s no better time than now to start planning a date with the BF he’ll never forget. The prob? Figuring out what date will stick when you’re competing with college basketball on TV and video games! But no worries, girlie. GL asked five guys for their take on the perfect V-day date, and the verdict is clear: guys dig the unusual. 

Recipe for Success
While most dates in romantic comedies involve restaurants, guys stress going against the stereotype.

“V-day has become too stress-filled and commercial. Dinner and a movie at home is the best way to enjoy being together without the crowds and money.” - Ben, 16

"My most memorable V-day date, we made pizza. I remember that it was doughy and although we didn't really make it right, it was a fun date.” - Patrick, 15

Outside the Box
Overall, when choosing a date, guys say it’s all about originality and adding a twist. And when it comes to choosing a location, don’t rule out the outdoors despite its cool temperatures. 
“Indoor dates are boring. One time this girl and I ended up doing s'mores and lounged under a blanket drinking hot cocoa. I feel embarrassed sharing this, but I actually really liked it." -  Bob, 16

"I like dates that involve water. Maybe on a boat or on a walk around a lake or ocean if you live near one. My all time favorite date was watching the sunset on the lake and it was pretty cool." - Josh, 17

“I want to do something I haven’t done before, something extraordinary,” Jeff, 16 says. "If you want to make a V-day memorable, you have to do something atypical.”
So what are your V-Day date plans, ladies? Do you have an fun ideas in mind? Share in the comments below.

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by GL | 2/1/2016