I just got a BF! Should I shout it from the rooftops or zip my lips?

Do guys like it when you tell everyone that they're your boyfriend or would they rather keep it private?


His Answer: Our 15-year-old expert, Brent, says it depends on the guy. “Personally, [I think] a relationship shouldn't be private. But going around to everyone bragging about it can cross the line. So tell your friends and let [other] people figure it out on their own.”


Decoded: Telling your besties that you and your crush are officially a couple is A-OK. But when it comes to broadcasting the news to the whole school, your beau might be a li’l bit reluctant to shine the spotlight on his private life.


Your Move: You don’t have to zip your lips, and a guy that really wanted to be with you wouldn’t ask you to, but that doesn’t mean he wants you to crow it from the rooftops, either. Be reasonable, babe, and it’ll work out just fine.


by Caitlin Farley and Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016
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