8 things he hearts other than your looks

It’s kinda hard to figure out how to act around a guy, especially one you’re crushing on. I mean, who knows what they could be thinking?! So to figure this out, we chatted with some of our Best Guy Friends (BGF) to see what they actually do like in a girl other than their looks. Here are some of their fave traits girls have:
His Answer: “I like girls who are fun, not too girly, and adventurous.” — Danny, 16.

Decoded: Guys like girls who aren’t afraid to have fun and be crazy.

Your Move: We like to have fun, too! When you have plans with a guy, go do something. Anything! You could simply walk to the candy store a block away, go rock-climbing at a center nearby or even do something you like, like painting pottery. Don’t be afraid to let your boyish side out, either. That means not freaking out if you get mud all over your clothes—it should wash out anyway.  

His Answer: “Guys look for girls who are smart and who are their own individuals.” — Yohnny, 17
Decoded: He’s looking for someone who isn’t afraid to show who they are and doesn’t pretend to be someone they’re not.
Your Move: Be yourself! Continue to do the things you like, talk about your interests and voice your opinions. Don’t pull a Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls, by dumbing yourself down to get closer to him. He will respect the fact that you actually know how to use your brain.


His Answer: “We want someone we can talk to and enjoy spending time with.” — Carson, 14

Decoded: They actually like having a conversation and hanging out.
Your Move: When he is talking, listen to him! Offer some feedback to whatever he is talking about. Give him advice, state your opinion, and bring up topics you would like to chat about too.


His Answer: “She has to be nice.” — Trey, 12
Decoded: Whether it’s him, his friends or even your friends, he is looking to see how well you treat other people.

Your Move: Keep a generally positive attitude. Smile and say hello to people you know, offer to help them if they are having trouble with something. Ask people how they are doing; if it’s obvious that they are having a bad day, listen to them, show some sympathy and try to give ‘em some advice.


His Answer: “…you look for a girl that is presentable, and also is someone that you can hang around for hours and listen to. That’s really it.” — Drew, 17

Decoded: Boys want to be with a girl who is interesting and cool to be around.
Your Move: When you’re hangin’, bring up something different to talk about and engage him while you are speaking. Try some off-the-wall and sorta random topic, like that cool scientific discovery you saw on the news this morning. Ask him his opinions and state your own to start a really great convo.
Laugh at things that you think are funny so he will too. Before you know it, you will be talking about everything for hours and hours!


His Answer: “I guess just a good personality, someone who is fun to be around. No one wants to date someone who is annoying. And someone who isn’t clingy but who still wants to be with you.” — William, 16

Decoded: Yes, he wants to hang out with a cool chick, but he still needs his space!
Your Move: Talk to him and do stuff that will show off how awesome you are. Be careful, though!  It is possible to have too much of a good thing. So let him hang with his buds and plan a girls’ night once a week.


His Answer: “I’d like to hang out with girls who have a sense of humor, are good listeners and are confident.” — Billy, 15

Decoded: Dudes like girls who are funny, care about what he has to say and are sure of themselves.
Your Move: Haven’t you ever heard that the way to a man’s heart is through his funny bone?  So crack a few jokes! He is talking for a reason, so pay attention to what he says. Show him that you care about what he is saying by asking questions and commenting. Flaunt your confidence by stating your ideas and opinions. He will respect them!


His Answer: “Any girl who is laid back, family oriented, caring, has a sense of humor and is active.” — Patrick, 13

Decoded: Some guys just like a chill girl who still likes to do stuff, is funny, digs her fam and cares about people.
Your Move: He likes the fact that you do a lot of stuff, but relax a little when he is around. You can have fun just by chilling out at home and he will like hangin’ with the fam. The next time there is a block party, bring him to it. The hot dogs and face paint are a sure way to have fun. You can joke around; when he laughs it means he is having fun.


by Hannah Hicklen | 2/1/2016
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