5 signs you're sending him running

So your guy is giving you the cold shoulder and you’re wondering what’s up. No girl wants to be ignored, but to fix his icy mood, you may have to look in the mirror. But what are the signs that you’re pushing him toward the nearest exit? Here’s what guys said when asked to weigh in…

“This girl I used to date would send me text after text. If I wouldn’t respond she would just send more until I did. There was a definite reason why I wasn’t answering her, but she didn’t get it.” Terry, 17


Put the phone down girlies! Texting is a great way to communicate, but it can also be the number one killer of a relationship. Give him some space. If he doesn’t answer right away, he’s probably just busy.


“When I was hanging with the guys she would constantly call my phone to see what I was doing, like she didn’t trust me or something. I started telling her that my phone was dying so I wouldn’t have to deal with it.” Alec, 16


If your guy starts telling you that his phone is dying every single Friday night, something is up. Back off a bit and let him have his dude time—besides it’s a great chance for you to hang with the girls! A relationship works best with balance.


“I was hanging out with this girl and she was constantly around. I couldn’t walk out of class without seeing her there waiting for me. It got a little freaky. I started making sure I was surrounded by my friends so that I wouldn’t have to walk with her.” Blake, 15


It’s cute to wait for your guy after class. But if he starts avoiding you—that’s when you know you’ve gone overboard.  Don’t wait for him after every bell, instead try stopping by his locker after lunch and walking to your next class together.


“My girlfriend expected me to hang out with her every day. If I didn’t she would get an attitude and start a fight over nothing. It got so excessive that I eventually just started making up plans so I didn’t have to hang out with her.” Conor, 14


When a guy is busy every time you ask him to hang out, he probably isn’t being completely honest. Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to spend every waking moment together. If he’s busy just suggest a different time to hang. Guys don’t like to be attacked and starting a fight won’t solve any problems.


“Before this girl and I were even dating, she started writing sappy stuff on my Facebook…and we had only hung out a few times! I never responded but she didn’t take the hint.” Patrick, 13


When it comes to the Internet, it usually isn’t a good idea to proclaim your love to the entire world. Especially if you aren’t officially dating—it could freak out your guy! A quick comment like: Hey nice pro pic is totally cool, but gushing about your last date will have him running for the hills. Everything you do on the Internet is public after all.


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by Alexis Gavrelis | 2/1/2016