Smooching secrets from real guys

So he’s leaning in, and his lips are hovering mere inches from yours… what do you do? Because, let’s be honest: we want our guys to enjoy the lip lock as much as we do. But what does he want out of the kiss? Here are some things that a few of our guy friends said that will have him thinking about that pucker all day.


 “Be hygienicno one likes kissing someone with bad breath. Start out slow and see how the kiss progresses.” – Yohnny, 14

You wouldn’t want to kiss someone who has stinky breath, either. Keep a tin of mints in your purse and pop one in when you go to the bathroom to keep your mouth clean. And when he’s going in for the smooch, let it flow naturally.


“I like it when girls pause before kissing me; it’s almost like they’re teasing me. And you should grab on to the guy, hands are very important while kissing.” – Connor, 16

Have you ever heard of the 90/10 rule? Leading up to the kiss, lean in 90 percent of the way, then hold it, so he has to make up the last 10 percent. For that moment when you’re not kissing, the anticipation will drive him crazy (in a good way). And instead of keeping your hands awkwardly at your sides, let them wind up around his neck or down behind his back.


“Personally, I’m just happy to be in that situation. I don’t really care what happens… Really no, I don’t think about it. I prefer open mouth for romance and for long kisses, but I recognize the convenience of short closed mouth public kisses.” – Drew, 17

Relax, girls. He just thinks it’s awesome that he’s getting a kiss from someone as cute as you. Let your worries go and enjoy it. But be sure to keep it appropriate for where you are.


“Don’t switch up what you’re doing too often.” – Oliver, 15
It’s going to sounds silly, but don’t be all aggressive one second and then slow down the kiss, and then all of a sudden speed it back up again. The guy needs to know what’s going on and changing it up like that can be confusing.

“I love it when girls lay their head on my shoulders after a kiss." – Will, 16

Even guys like a little love, show your affection once in a while. Resting your head on his shoulder is super adorbs, but you can do something simple like grab his hand, too.


"Sometimes a small peck on the cheek is better than anything." – Justin, 15

A full blown make out session can be nice, but so is a simple peck. It shows him that you like having him around.


"Kisses are the best when they're completely out of the blue." – Sam, 16

Surprise him once in awhile when you have a moment alone. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that he’s thinking about you? He feels the same way.


"Soft lips! I love when my girl has soft lips." – Patrick, 17
Carry lip balm, girls! Dry and cracked lips aren’t nice to smooch, so apply regularly. 

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by Hannah Hicklen | 2/1/2016