Just a fling or the real deal? Your date decoded

So the hottie you’ve been crushing on since preschool finally asked you out (squee!). That’s a sure sign that he’s interested, but if you wanna know more, you’ve gotta read between the lines. There’s a lot of secret stuff hidden in his offers, so use our guide to figure out what he’s really thinking.

If he wants to head to the mall...

Since your crush suggested a more public hangout, he could be feeling nervous about being alone with you or having enough things to say. To avoid an awk scenario, the mall was this shy guy’s perfect solution—it’s busy, exciting and if conversation screeches to a halt, you can always go people-watching or hit up the food court for some cheap grub. Take this date as a sign that he likes you, but he’s a little worried about getting too serious too quickly. This guy may be in total need of a confidence boost, but he wants to set you two up for a good time. He’s caring, sweet, and doesn’t want to make ya uncomfortable. Def stick around for the second date!


If he offers a classic dinner-date...

Aww, you’ve got a real sweetie on your hands! This guy is doing things the old-fashioned way, and we think that’s super cute. Going out to dinner is the perfect way to show he’s serious about you, and that your relationship is more than just a flirty fling. This is the kind of guy who proves that a little bit of manners go a long way. He’s very reliable, and once he has you, he’ll support you through whatever challenges come your way. Just make sure he knows that you’re noticing his classic kindness. We always appreciate a true gentleman—total keeper!


If he asks you to take a stroll in the park...

Your crush is telling you there’s only one thing on his mind: you. A relaxing walk has no distractions, and it will let you two lovebirds focus on getting to know each other better. What a great way to break the ice and let the romance rise! He’s thoughtful, charming and really cares about your feelings. But make sure you both agree that the outing is a date, not just a break for some fresh air. You could also take a walk with a bestie, so talk it out beforehand and make sure he’s aiming for BF, not BGF.


If he suggests a movie at his place...

Woah, this guy is getting real serious real fast. Inviting you over to his house means he wants you to meet the fam already. If you’re looking for a committed BF, this guy is the way to go. He’s not messing around—he’s ready to get straight to BF/GF status, which can save you a lot of stressing. But if you want to take some more time to hang out before you jump from pals to lovey couple, try suggesting a different activity. There’s no rush when it comes to learning about each other and building your relationship.

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by Julie Harans | 2/1/2016
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