10 crush crises that are actually NBD


When a guy’s giving you butterflies, it can be hard not to act silly or make a few mistakes. Whether it’s a stutter or a sloppy smooch, there can be lots of bumps in the road. But don’t let your guy-crush crush you! Stand tall and realize that these li'l slip-ups are no biggie. Here’s the stuff you see as disasters, and why they’re really not:

1. You’re nervous around him.

Sometimes, even just seeing your crush can send you into a tongue-tied frenzy. Don’t sweat it! For those girls who are scared to make the move, these reactions are doing all the hard work for ya. He’ll catch these hints and start to notice how you’re feeling. Plus, rosy cheeks are totes adorable!

2. He doesn’t notice you.

No matter how loudly you laugh or how often you flash him a flirty smile, your crush won’t peek for more than a few secs. Be bold and surprising by approaching him about your feelings head-on. How’s that for some motivation to come out of your shell?

3. He witnesses your biggest OMG moment.

It’s your worst nightmare: You tripped and spilled your lunch everywhere, and the cutest guy in your class had front row seats of the action. Instead of totally freaking out, hold your head high and laugh it off. It’s the perfect way to flaunt your awesome sense of humor.

4. He sees you looking a little less than fabulous.

So the one day you decide to skip the makeup and stay in sweats, you bump into your crush since, um, forever. Figures. It may seem like the disaster of the century, but there’s no need to stress. You’d be surprised by how little guys notice what you’re wearing or how much makeup you’ve got on. In fact, most boys prefer girls who don’t need to get decked out every time they leave the house.

5. He overhears your mushy-gushy gossip.

Your crush just did the most adorbs thing, and you’ve got to spill to your BFF. But mid vent-sesh, he pops up right behind you and hears all the deets. Dramarama? No. Think about how you’d feel if you heard a guy chatting away about your super cute smile! You’d probably be flattered—and so will he.

6. You mess up your first kiss.

No matter how many times you’ve practiced, the first smooch isn’t likely to be perfect. Whether it’s uncomfortable or just no fun, take it as a sign that you two are just a little nervous, which means you’ve got some feelings for each other—and that’s always something to be happy about!

7. Your date is totally awkward.

You finally landed some alone time with your fave hottie, and it’s not quite as perfect as you’d imagined. There’s tons of awkward silence and not much conversation. Whether you ditch early or stick it out, don’t worry. Either you’ll try again, or it’s not meant to be.

8. You can’t confess.

Expressing your feelings to the cutie you’ve been crushing on forever is super tough. But don’t freak if you can’t take that step. When you’re feeling brave and prepared, you’ll tell him. Forcing yourself to make the move before you’re ready isn’t a good idea anyway.

9. He rejects you.

Working up the nerve to open up to your crush is stressful enough, and getting rejected can feel even worse. But rejection happens to everyone, and if he’s not psyched to be with you, he doesn’t deserve you.

10. Your parents are being super embarrassing.

“We’ve heard so much about you!” is one of many horrifyingly humiliating things your ‘rents can say to your crush. Instead of having a total meltdown, shrug and move on. If you treat it like it’s not a huge deal, he probably will too.

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by Julie Harans | 2/1/2016