Catch a Cutie's Eye

First day of school, you walk into homeroom, and your eye immediately goes to that the hottie in the front row. He's showing off his perf pearly whites, but his baby blue eyes aren't looking at you. Darn! Sure it's fun to have nice-looking eye candy, but actually grabbing his attention would be GREAT! 
How do you get a guy this good-looking to gaze your way? We’ll show ya!  

Confidence is REALLY Cute

Think your new crush isn’t gonna notice you just ‘cause you’re not the cutest cheerleader? So not true. When it comes to looks, we all wish we could change something about ourselves: the curly hair, the straight hair, the big butt, the nonexistent butt. But you gotta love who you are and work with the great stuff you've got. Girls who are happy with themselves can look drop dead gorgeous anywhere, anytime. And, you don't have to show off a ton of skin or wear super sparkly makeup to get some positive attention either. Dress in clothes that YOU feel comfy and cute in!  Show off your own style (be unique), and if you know you look good, you'll glow. Confidence is an accessory that always turns heads.

And BE YOURSELF! Ok, ok sticking to your true self sounds way cliche, right? News flash: that’s ‘cause it’s ALWAYS a must-do. When you're just being you, you're more comfortable talking, laughing, and showing off your bright personality. He'll feel more relaxed too. The sparks will fly when you let down your guard a bit.

Flirty Friendliness

Now that you’re feeling all cool and confident, it's time to talk to the dude of your dreams. Who doesn't love an outgoing classmate? When you introduce yourself to this stud, why not show off YOUR sweet li’l smile?  Whether you're sitting by him in class or walking down the hall right next to him, strike up a convo. If you don't know him, take a deep breath, relax and…introduce yourself!

How to get a convo going? Set your sights on something he’s wearing, doing or carrying. Do you spy an iPod? Ask him what band he’s into right now. See a French textbook tucked into his arm?  If you’re in French, too, say, “Francais? Moi aussi!” and ask him what prof he has. Is he wearing a sports cap or jersey? Find out what his fave player is. When you stumble upon something in common, whether it's vacay spots or fave classes, don't let it slip away.  If you're chatting about stuff you're interested in, the convo will flow and help bring you closer.

Keep a Cutie Interested

Now that you’ve got your guy talking to you, you gotta keep it going. How to continue talking to him without seeming super crazy? If he’s in a class of yours, really play that up. Try to sit near him, or at least in his line of sight so he can see your super-cute style. Stop him after class and ask what he thought of that crazy pop quiz. Crack a joke about your substitute teacher’s strange socks. If he starts talking to you and keeps up the convos it’s a green light that’s he’s probably into ya.

Is he not in any of your classes but you see him around? No worries! Remember how you focused on that detail when you first approached your fella? Keep that aspect up. Did you comment on his iPod the first time around and he confessed that he went to a ton of concerts this summer? Next time you see him smile big and say, “Hey, concert boy!” Did he tell you that’s he’s a football fan the first time you spoke? Do a li’l background research and learn the basics…or better yet tell him you were watching a game last night but you didn’t get it…maybe he could explain? (Guys LOVE telling girls all about sports games). Again, gradually build up convos and how long you two talk ‘til it feels totally comfy.

 Study Sesh

Have you been chatting up your fella for a few weeks now? Has he been flirty, starting convos with you and flashing you his killer smile? Time for the next step! All of us girls are always hoping that special guy will ask us out, but we get so nervous about asking him ourselves. And let's be honest, it's way scary to flat out tell a dude you're interested. That requires major guts and there’s the always-terrifying chance that he could totally turn ya down. But there are easier, less scary ways to show a cutie that you like him.

If you have a class with your cutie, arrange a study sesh at your house. You can invite a few people over, or ask if he wants to work on an assignment with you. Either way, you'll get to see him outside of school and get some great homework help. Is he not in your class but you’ve got his attention and aren’t sure where to take it from there? Invite him on a group date or a hangout with some friends. You can spend time with him without having the pressure of an official "date" looming over your head. Once you’re in the group setting, don’t be too shy to cozy up to your dude. Who knows? Maybe next week he wants to “talk about fractions” over a little bit of froyo? See, you CAN ask him out without him (or you!) even knowing it!


by Kristen Yeung | 2/1/2016
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