Fall Dates for Cheap!

Going on dates with your BF is always a blast, but they can start to leave your wallet feelin' bare. Wouldn't it be nice to go on an amazing outing with your guy where you both didn't have to pay for anything?!

GL's got the scoop on some totally cheap and amazing date ideas for the fall season. Now you and your BF can enjoy just spending time with each other, and don’t have to wind up broke!

Take a Hike

Don't ya just love it when leaves start changing colors in the fall?! Take this as a perfect opportunity to spend a beautiful day with your BF hiking, or just exploring the good ol' outdoors. Not only will you enjoy the beautiful surroundings, but you’ll also get quiet time to just talk and get to know each other even better.

Pumpkin Picking

Fall means that Halloween is fast approaching. Going to the pumpkin patch with your fella can be a cheap and super fun date. Spend the entire day enjoying hayrides, candy apples and picking the perfect Halloween pumpkin!

Leapin' Leaves

How much did you heart making HUGE piles of leaves and then jumping around in them when you were a kid? Grab your BF and rake up all the leaves in your lawn. Then, let your inner child run wild. Don’t waste a good pile of leaves...get silly and jump around!

Get Fresh

Fall is perf for fruit picking. There are apple-picking farms just about everywhere, and it's a great chance you the opportunity to enjoy the entire day outside with your boy. You can go up and down rows and rows picking your very own apples. Get creative and make candy apples when you get home. YUM!

Pumpkin Carving

Another great date is a pumpkin carving contest. Head to your local drugstore for totally safe pumpkin carving knives. Challenge your guy to see who can carve the coolest jack 'o' lantern. Don’t forget to save the seeds. You can cook 'em up later for a healthy snack.

Fright Fest

Save money by spending your date at home with your BF. Pop in some scary movies, so you'll have the perfect excuse to cuddle up to your cutie and hold his hand during all the scary parts. Get cozy by snuggling around a fireplace. Wanna warm-up even more? Make hot cocoa and s’mores.

Fall Festivals

Puh-lenty of places (parks, towns, churches...) throw fests or fairs to celebrate the harvest, fall or Halloween. Check your local newspapers for an event near you. They usually have rides, games, cool stuff to buy and cute animals. Hold your BF's hand while you stroll around eating cotton candy and listening to live music.

Sometimes the best and most memorable dates don’t involve any cash at all. After all, it's about spending QT with your cutie. You’ll have a blast, and you won’t have to bother beggin’ your rents for extra cash!


by Jackie Evens | 2/1/2016