Guy Spy: How to Tell if He's Really Into You

You’ve been eyeing a cutie in your class for two weeks now. You talk once in a while, and think ya may have caught him lookin’ at you the other day at lunch. But, how can you be totally sure if he’s really diggin’ you?

GL went out and asked real teen boys what sweet signals they give when they’re crushin’ on you. Here are eight ways to tell he’s def into you:
1. His friends get to know you
If your guy’s friends suddenly seem to be everywhere ya go, it’s a good sign girl! Most often, guys will use their friends as a way to get closer to you, whether that’s sending them over to talk to you or playing messenger with a li’l love note. 
And don’t be worried if his friends tease him or crack jokes when you’re around. They’re probably just jealous their bud is spending more time with you…and guys are weird like that.

2. He acts interested in your hobbies
If he’s really into you, he’s going to make it show. And what better way to show that he’s fallin’ for you than to dig into your hobbies and interests.
If the guy your eyeing asks how ya spend your free time, or even goes as far as showin’ up at your soccer game, it’s a good sign that he’s most likely into you. After all, he’s making a mega effort by asking questions to get to know you!

3. He treats ya different than other girls
Pay attention to how your guy acts around other girls. If he’s a huge flirt and is talkin’ to just about every girl in class, then I’d be careful. This could mean he likes multiple girls, or just doesn’t know what he wants!
But, if he’s payin’ special attention to just you, this usually means he really likes you. Little things like waiting for you after class, chatting it up with you more than usual and singling you out of your big group of girlfriends means he’s totally crushin’ on ya!

“One time at lunch, the girl I had a crush on didn’t have enough money, so I gave her the change!” --Chris, 14

4. Ya catch him glancing your way…A LOT
If ya catch your man glancing at you randomly throughout the day, smiling or staring just a little bit longer than normal, he could be totally into you. This is one of the easiest ways for a guy to show they have a crush on you (especially the shy ones) because they don’t have to say anything!

“One time in class I pretended I needed to sharpen by pencil so that I could get closer to the girl I was crushing on. It’s funny because my pencil had just been sharpened. I just wanted to get another look at her!” --Jason, 11

5. He picks on you
Yes, you heard that one right. While it may sound a little weird, some guys use teasing as a way of flirting with a girl they really like. It’s his own little odd way of showing ya he feels comfortable around you…and trying to get you to laugh is part of his secret plan, too!

6. He invites ya to an outing
Girls, this one is a biggie! When a guy goes out of his way to make plans with you, he’s obvi into ya! A shyer guy may ask ya what you’re plans are for the weekend, but the more bold types will go as far as askin’ ya to a picnic, a b-day party or even the school dance! This shows he likes you enough to go out with ya in public and it gives him the opportunity to show you off to some of his buds!

“I really liked this girl, so I asked her out because I thought she was cute even though I barely knew her name. Then the next day at the school picnic, I asked if I could have her screen name. Later that day we chatted online for our first time!” --Matt, 12

7. He compliments you
Guys aren’t really known for bein’ sweethearts, so when they start dishing out compliments and being extra nice, it means they’re totally into you!
This could be anything from noticing your new haircut to tellin’ ya how awesome you played at the bball game the night before.

8. He tries to be closer to Y-O-U
If suddenly, everywhere ya look you see the guy you like, that’s no coincidence, girl! When a guy’s into you, he does everything he can to be near you. If he sits at the table facing you at lunch, always waits a little longer after class for you to come or hangs out by your locker or cubby, these are all good signs!

“Once I was at a school dance and wasn’t dancing near the girl I liked so I pretended that I needed a drink so I could change where I was dancing when I came back. I even talked to her on the way to the fountain saying, ‘oh it’s sooo hot dancing’ (actin’ as if I’ve been dancing so much). Anything to try to spark a convo.” --Brian, 13


by Rachel Chemerynski | 2/1/2016
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