The way this reader's BGF stood up for her is so *adorbs*

I moved just last year, and I was really nervous because I was going to a brand new school. On my first day, we went on a field trip, and when I arrived there I had no one to talk to, but I noticed a boy who kept looking over at me. As we started walking, he came up to me and we started to talk. A boy near us was talking to his friend and started using swear words—words that I don't use. I asked him to please stop, but that made things worse! He started swearing at ME and saying some rude things. The boy I had met earlier stood up to him and told him to leave me alone—and that's how our friendship started. Now, almost a year later, we both like each other and I can't wait to see what happens next!

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by GL | 1/21/2018