It's Crush Week! Get ready for the best in flirting, fashion, food and more


So, you’re in desperate need of advice on how to get your crush's attention/ask him or her out/flirt like a pro. Or maybe you’re just looking for the most crush-worthy new trend (or the recipe for Orange Crush Cupcakes). No matter what the crush sitch is, we’ve got the solution—it's GL’s first-ever Crush Week, and from August 8-15, we’re covering it all...

Everything you need to make a love connection

What would Crush Week be without an endless amount of advice about the guys and girls that drive us crazy? From flirting tips to first-date ideas, we've got everything you need to go from strangers to sweeties. Whether you’ve got a hardcore crush or just a few butterflies, we’ll tell you how to stay cool no matter what.

Totally crushable recipes and more

Crushes aren’t just for the boys—these beyond tasty meals and cute crafts will leave you lovestruck. And if you’re in need of the perfect crush playlist, look no further.

Crush-worthy fashion and beauty 

Got a fashion crush? So do the GL interns. We’re dishing on our favorites when it comes to fashion and beauty. Not to mention crush-inspired fashion that we know you’re going to love.

We'll be updating this page daily with all our new crushable content, so check back all week long!


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by Mallory Walker | 2/1/2016