Covered button statement necklace

We love this necklace because it’s right on trend and oh-so-easy to make.


You can completely customize it to match your personality…or that killer party dress hangin’ in your closet. Even better? The materials come cheap, making it totally tempting to make a few for your besties, too.


What you’ll need:



Covered buttons (Find them at a crafts or fabric store. Try two ¾-inch, four 1-inch and 6 1 ¼-inch buttons, as pictured, or experiment with different sizes)

Fabric (The texture of burlap is fab, but feel free to pick what you like)

2 feet of 2mm leather cord (Also try ribbon or hemp)


What you’ll do:


1. Decide on the color, fabric and sequence of buttons on your necklace. Try arranging the smaller buttons on the ends and the larger ones at the center.


2. Cut fabric for the buttons, cover them and snap the backs on.


3. String the buttons in the cord in the order you like. Tie the ends in a bow instead of using a clasp for a cute touch.


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Photo credit: Burcu Avsar


by Cathy Callahan and Susan Beal | 2/1/2016