Turn simple black flats into studded statements

Add some rock ‘n’ roll edge to your go-to black ballet flats with DIY studded details.

We took inspiration from the flats above. Make your own punky pretties with a tired pair you already own—or pick up a cheap style at Walmart or Target—for practically pennies.

What you’ll need
- A pair of shoes (we like ballet flats, but any pair from sneaks to strappy sandals will do)
- Glue (we like super glue, like all-purpose Gorilla Glue)
- Metal studs (find ‘em at a craft store)
- Newspaper to spread over your work surface

What you’ll do
First, spread newspaper over your work surface. Pull out your shoes. If you’re using an old pair, dampen a rag with warm water and tidy up any stains or dirty spots. You can use permanent markers or shoe polish to fill in scuffs and make them look good as new. Then, using chalk or a soft pencil, sketch out exactly where you want to place your studs.

(Note: You can of course do this free hand, but just remember, mistakes made with super glue are permanent!)

Done? Grab your glue and a pile of studs and get to work. You could use a variety of different sizes and shapes, or stick to a basic pattern. Go for spikes, jazz it up with sparkly rhinestones—whatever suits your fancy.

When you’e finished, leave your shoes alone for 24 hours so they can completely dry. Then toss on a pair of skinny jeans, grab a moto jacket and slip ‘em on. Time to hit the town, you punky princess, you!



by Brittany Taylor | 2/3/2018