Redo your room: Picture box perfection

Shadow boxes are totally back! We love the idea of creating cute cases to showcase your hobbies and experiences. It's like an instant 3D scrapbook--no funky glasses necessary. Here's how to do it...
What you'll need:
A picture (or several)
Ephemera and mementos
A shadow box
What you'll do:
Start with your picture (or multiple pictures). Place it on the shadow box's mat, then arrange other objects around it. For a ballet-themed box, try pink pointe shoe ribbons, a length of pearls and a few floaty feathers. To remember a summer trip, add several snapshots and a quick scattering of shells and sand. You can use glue or sticky tack to hold your objects in place, if you like. When you're satisfied with your creation, hang on or prop against a wall. Voila!
by Jessica D'Argenio Waller | 2/1/2016
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